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    Don’t make these mistakes when it comes to back pain

    Don’t make these mistakes when it comes to back pain

    The thing about back pain is that we have all experienced it at some point or another; however, too many people make these common mistakes when dealing with that pain.  Here is what you should avoid in order to prevent more serious or prolonged discomfort:

    • Don’t ignore that pain.  Any chiropractor will tell you that your body communicates to you through pain.  Pay attention to your back pain and see a specialist if it persists or gets worse.
    • See a chiropractor.  While your general practitioner is great for check-ups, if you have prolonged or specific back pain it is usually better to see a chiropractor.  Chiropractors specialise in diagnosing and correcting back pain.
    • Think carefully about surgery.  Too many people jump into surgery too quickly when they don’t have to.  It is a good idea to try non-surgical options before going under the knife – it’s better for your body.
    • If you really do need surgery, don’t put it off.  Sometimes, back surgery cannot be avoided.  If you really do need it – and your chiropractor will tell you if you do – don’t put it off.  Often, surgery is complemented by chiropractic care.
    • Don’t rely on scans alone.  Yes, your MRI or CT scan results will show if you have a major subluxation or a herniated disk; however, they can’t show where your pain is.  See a chiropractor for a full evaluation.
    • Staying still isn’t the key.  A day or two of doctor-recommended rest can do a body good, but staying still simply to avoid more back pain is never the solution.  Lack of activity can actually lead to more back pain!  It is important to get enough exercise.
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