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    Getting the right treatment

    Getting the right treatment

    Getting the right treatment for whatever ails you is important on the road to recovery.

    All too often, people think that the solution to their pain is a bottle of pills. A slew of NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) such as ibuprofen, naproxen and aspirin have a home in just about every medicine chest. These medications do wonders to mask the pain of an injury, but they do not cure that injury. In fact, taking painkillers too frequently can make you lose touch with what your body is trying to say.

    In addition to silencing your body’s voice, the common household painkillers known as NSAIDs actually have other, more dangerous side effects, especially within the gastrointestinal tract. They can actually cause your stomach to bleed! This is why it is important to treat the causes of your pain, rather than just the symptoms.

    Chiropractic care can definitely help you to identify the cause of your pain and repair the problem whilst eliminating the pain, which is the unpleasant side effect of your injury or subluxation. Your chiropractor will examine you and work with you on a customised treatment plan that allows the healing of your musculoskeletal system to begin.

    In addition to treating your musculoskeletal system, many chiropractors are beginning to train in the highly specialised techniques of dealing with soft-tissue injuries. Often, this involves IASTM, or instrument-assisted soft-tissue mobilisation. These instruments allow chiropractors to focus the forces of their hands on a smaller portion of a patient’s body when performing manual adjustments.

    For more information about getting the right type of treatment, and about the wellness and prevention orientation of chiropractic treatment, call your chiropractor to arrange an appointment.

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