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    How long should running shoes last?

    How long should running shoes last?

    Running shoes actually serve a purpose: to protect your joints during times of high activity.

    Poorly fitting athletic shoes can wreak havoc on your body. This is why it is important to determine your arch type before you go shoe shopping, and your chiropractor can help you with this. When you ask your chiropractor what type of arch you have, he or she will look at a number of things rather than just your arch. Your spinal alignment will be assessed and your gait will be examined.

    Once your chiropractor has helped you to figure out what foot type you have, it is time to hit the specialty shop. Be sure to go late in the day when you feet are at their largest, and wear the socks you would during whatever sport you plan to engage in. Always try athletic shoes on before taking them home – do not base sizing on the size of your other shoes.

    Finding the perfect pair of running shoes will make a world of difference. You may find that your back hurts less and you have fewer ankle sprains or other injuries during sports play. You will come to love the shoes, but how long will they last?

    Remember: do not run your athletic shoes into the ground. Most running shoes last between 300 and 500 miles, and may not even show signs of wear by the time you need to get a new pair. When running shoes do actually show wear, especially in the inner cushioning, they have also begun to lose their shock absorption, which can lead to subluxations within your spine, shin splints, heel spurs, and other injuries.

    For more information about how long to keep your running shoes, and about the wellness and prevention orientation of chiropractic treatment, call your chiropractor to arrange an appointment.

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